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About work in První brněnská strojírna

We love diversity, because it is where unique thoughts and ideas, which later become the engine of changes and future manufacturing programme, come from. People of different professions work in První brněnská strojírna. We are all connected with the desire to make world-class products and the pride of work that ten generations of engineers have devoted to the PBS brand.  
Every employee offers a unique personal tale. There are people in our team who followed their career dream directly and immediately after finishing their apprenticeship or graduation from secondary school or university they started their professional careers and specialisations. There are even several turner generations who pass on their craft from father to son. But every time they work on a new, more modern machine, new products, but at the same workplace and with the same enthusiasm. There are also such employees who found their way to our company thanks to their hobby, for example flying or car assembling.
PBS is an inseparable part of lives of our fathers' fathers and we believe that it is the future of our children as well. We are proud of PBS. První brněnská strojírna has existed for more than 200 years. Every single year it has been at the technological peak of the time and so it is now. Join us and become part of the tradition.

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