Employee benefits

We appreciate our employees. We know that we would not be such a successful company without their hard work, enthusiasm and creativity. That's why we offer good salaries as well as a wide range of employee benefits.
  • Free language courses
  • Further deepening and enhancement of qualifications
  • Regular trainings
  • Gifts on the occasion of the birth of a child
  • More days off for weddings, births of children, funerals
  • A day off to accompany your first- or second-grade child to school
  • Extra two free weeks with full health insurance for parents of children under 15 
  • Bonuses related to life or work anniversaries
Life moments
  • Priority job offers for current employees
  • Education support
  • Working in project teams
Working procedure
  • Extra three days of holiday
  • Possibility of flexible working hours
  • Regional support of sport and cultural events
  • Privileged recreational stay in Tatra Mountains
Leisure time
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Financial bonus for blood donors
  • Health care contributions within programmes of health insurance companies
Health protection
  • Subsidized meals on-site 
  • Choice of five meals + short orders and salads
  • Breakfast and dinner menu, canteen
  • Convenient tariff contracts with mobile operator for our employees and their family members
  • Possibility of privileged repurchase of telephones and computer technology
  • Semi-annual and annual performance bonuses
  • Bonuses for the best employees, freshmen and improvers
  • Extra and target bonuses
  • Monthly contribution for supplementary pension insurance or life insurance

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